E-reader meets Marimekko

I have a confession. I am a . . . little . . . crazy about Marimekko fabric, well, actually anything Marimekko.

Last summer we took a trip to Norway to celebrate our 25th anniversary. It was a trip of a lifetime.  Norway was beautiful and we had so many amazing experiences there.  While in Norway, I was on a little Marimekko hunt.  Yes, I know Marimekko is Finnish, not Norwegian. And, yes, I know Marimekko has a store in New York now, and Beverly Hills and actually a little bit is at Crate and Barrel right here in Minnesota.

BUT, somehow, it was different since we were closer to the source, and I was determined to buy something Marimekko.  So, before we left I mapped out the stores that were along our travel route.

We missed the Marimekko stores in Stockholm, Trondheim and Kristiansand because we were busy sight-seeing. Can you imagine that?

But I did find some Marimekko fabric in some fabric stores that I love. And, finally, at the end of our trip we made it to a Marikmekko store in Oslo, and now I have a cute little cup for my bathroom sink.

So, I finally used a little bit of that Marimekko fabric to make one more e-reader case. This one is for my kindle, and I’m very excited.

Here it is:

Sew an E-reader case in Marimekko

If you’d like to make a case for your e-reader or tablet, check out my e-reader case tutorial!

Now . . .  I think I need to make a purse out of the Marimekko fabric too. Soon.


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