You have reached the blog of Lisa Amundson and Around the Bobbin sewing patterns. I am so glad you stopped in for a visit!

What draws you to sewing?  I have had a life-long addiction to creating things.  When I was little it was hand-made card making and cross-stitch.  I sewed a little, but I didn’t really enjoy following patterns. And when it came to clothing, I found that the clothing sometimes didn’t fit me as well as store-bought items or somehow it looked, well, home-made.


I said it, that dreaded word “home-made”. 

You know what I mean.  As in “Oh, I see . . . you made it yourself” (meaning wow, Becky Home-ecky).

What we all would really like is, “OMG, You did not.  I  can’t believe it.  There is no flippin’  way you made this yourself!”  Now, that is a different story.

I moved on to kid’s clothes when my kids were babies and toddlers and a life-long love of sewing drapes. Then quilts.  And now, I am solidly into bag making.  I just love sewing these and can’t wait for my next sewing fix (hopefully tonight!).

So, this blog is about exploring creativity.  Celebrating those OMG sewing moments.  And learning together through the less than stellar sewing moments with the seam-ripper is king.  You will see both the good, the bad and the ugly here.  Why not?  The mistakes will surely help someone appreciate that it’s about the creating not JUST the end product.  And the successes of course inspire us all!

So, please, come and visit and comment and share.  I’d love to connect with you.

Oh, about me?  I live in the Twin Cities in cold/beautiful/lake-filled Minnesota where winters are perfect for sewing.  I have a wonderful hubby and 3 kids who love folding patterns in front of the TV ( ha ha!).  I have two part-time jobs at the moment and sneak my Around the Bobbin pattern business in between so life can get a little hectic around here. 

So, go ahead, cut up that fabric and try something new and enjoy!

If you’d like to check out my patterns, visit my website for more information.

Happy Sewing!



One thought on “About

  1. Hey, Lisa!

    Nice blog–looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and a wonderful addition to Around the Bobbin. By the way, I remember when you worked on the corduroy outfit–I remember that it was a many-sided project. I also remember that our school had the girls take one semester of industrial arts and had the boys take one semester of home ec. I made a frog in home ec–it currently lives on my bedroom floor and catches dust bunnies. And that was pretty much the end of my sewing days. I think you did much better than I !!

    Good luck with the blog–I hope it generates some good conversation!

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